Chicken stuffed

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Very long, but fun. Did the first time, so do not judge strictly :)

Ingredients for Chicken stuffed

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken stuffed

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We take a chicken, wash it clean from feathers (if they are), if necessary opalium.
Remove from the chicken skin - sorry, from "butt" knuckles from the legs and leave the wings too

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Next, cut on the Maxim the meat from the bones

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Boil in salted water broccoli. Peel onions, three carrots, we scald the prunes and pour a small quantity of boiling water a bread. All cranked through a meat grinder 2 times - I took the advice inhibators (prunes and bread to overcome). Season with salt and pepper, sprinkle with seasoning. Mix well.

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If the separation of the skins from the chicken, there appeared holes to sew up, to leave one or the one that is "butt". Through it and nafarshirovat the chicken, put inside 2 var. eggs. After the last hole to sew up. Lay chicken on a baking sheet, greased Rast. oil. Grease the chicken with mayonnaise.

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To cook the chicken at 200 C until tender (about an hour).

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Has it been tastier with a creamy horseradish. So.