Home-made sausage

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Homemade sausage is an old recipe of our countrymen.

Ingredients for Home-made sausage

Step by step instruction of cooking Home-made sausage

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Offal and pork, cut into pieces and mince, along with the peeled onion and garlic.

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Gut, wash in running water.

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To cook barley porridge on the water.

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Add cereal to mixture and mix well.

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Ready minced dilute with water, add salt and black pepper. The consistency of the stuffing should be liquid.

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Intestine dressed with minced meat, I used a funnel that was at hand. (Well, of course, tie with a thread).

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The sausage shape of sausage links.

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Boil for 20 minutes.(Preferably before that, our sausage is to pierce with a needle, so they do not burst during cooking.)

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Spread on a baking sheet and bake in the oven until Golden brown or you can fry in the pan.