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In the morning, is usually not enough time to cook oatmeal. This porridge is good that is cooked in minutes and turns out very tender.

Ingredients for Oatmeal

Step by step instruction of cooking Oatmeal

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Evening Hercules rinse 2-3 times, fill with water so that it covers the cereal. In the morning drain the water (I drained not to the end, but if the water poured is not a lot, it will all be absorbed), add the milk, salt and sugar, put on fire. Bring to boil and boil on high heat literally 1 minute. Reduce the heat and allow to stand over low heat for another 1 minute. Close the lid, turn off the heat and is collected on the table let the porridge still stand up.

If you prefer to eat cold cereal, then milk it is necessary to add a little more.