Couscous sauce with salami

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When a few years ago in our stores advertised couscous everywhere (Newspapers, magazines, brochures) have suggested several recipes using couscous. Finally, I gathered and prepared one of the offered. The dish is very simple, but interesting - couscous, spicy sauce and sausage salami. Plus, the recipe, again, involves "recycling" the remains of the sausage and any other meat.

Ingredients for Couscous sauce with salami

Step by step instruction of cooking Couscous sauce with salami

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6. In a bowl pour the couscous, pour it with boiled water (you can even pour the crushed part of the bouillon cube, tastier will be to mix). Per serving 3 tbsp of the grains of couscous I had 12 tbsp Kip.water.
7. After 5 minutes of infusion under the cover when the couscous "blossomed", mix it with sausage workpiece.