Salad "perfection - 2 "

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As a right beautiful woman, began worsening male "cervical svijeta"! Yes, and it would be necessary to podrujit after the holidays, and in fact, indulged myself! And this is the pampering side out, the skirt was something rather compact to sit, fastened only on the breath! And I made great additions (just a little) in the "light as a feather, fresh as a may breeze, juicy, like a Paradise Apple, bright as a flash of light salad "perfection"!

Ingredients for Salad "perfection - 2 "

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad "perfection - 2 "

Шаг 1

Mix of salad leaves (baby).

Шаг 2

Sprouts (alfalfa I) any.

Шаг 3

Cut tomato, pepper and cucumber, broccoli disassemble on inflorescences.

Шаг 4

Spread the lettuce and vegetables in a salad bowl, dress with oil and balsamic vinegar, salt, and pepper.
This is possible and finish,BUT...

Шаг 5

you can add olives, feta and avocado!