Dessert with cherries

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It turns out very tasty dessert.

Ingredients for Dessert with cherries

Step by step instruction of cooking Dessert with cherries

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1. Cherry put in a colander, that would be a stack of syrup (a bit of syrup to leave, we will need it). I took a glass of cherries, but you can take more or less. It is optional. I just love cherries.
2. A small amount of milk to leave and mix them with starch. The rest of the milk pour into a saucepan+vanilla sugar+honey (honey is also put to the taste, and given the fact that cherry jam and they also give a sweetness, I put 4st. liters of honey)+cinnamon (optional and it slightly changes the color of milk, I have seen in the photo). Bring to a boil+cherries and pour it into the starch, constantly stirring slowly, that not lumps. Cook, stirring, until thick. It takes about a minute or less. All remove from the heat and give a little bit! cool.
3. Take the form setelem it with cling film and put it in our dessert. Leave it to cool down. But I did it in the evening so when the dessert has cooled put it in the fridge.
4. Before use, turn on a dish, remove the foil and pour the syrup with cherry jam.

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About the way the dessert looks in the cut.