Shish kebab in marinade raspberry vinegar

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Last year I posted a recipe for raspberry vinegar. In principle, it can be used instead of ordinary vinegar everywhere, he just still a little less acidic, with a light berry taste and beautiful color. Want to share a few ideas on what dishes I used it, someone will like it, highly recommend to do in summer, this vinegar on the sample. Recipes, in principle, the usual, nothing new, it's just ideas for the use of this vinegar. Let's start with hot! ))

Ingredients for Shish kebab in marinade raspberry vinegar

Step by step instruction of cooking Shish kebab in marinade raspberry vinegar

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Pork cut into medium cubes if cooking at home on the stove if on the grill on skewers, the pieces are larger. Put in a container, RUB the salt and freshly-ground mixture of peppers.

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Bow clean, cut into rings. Two onions, add to meat, stir and pour 1:1 with water and raspberry vinegar to keep the meat covered with liquid, pressed from above with a plate and leave to marinate for 2-3 hours minimum. Recipe vinegar here

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The third onion, cut into rings, marinate separately in the same marinade (water and raspberry vinegar, 1:1)

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I roasted at home in a frying pan. For this pre-soak in water or vegetable oil (what I liked) wooden skewers. Strung on their meat alternately with onion, which was marinated meat. And fry in a frying pan large diameter (to fit the skewers) to hot oil. Fry on medium heat, turning constantly until cooked, about 15 minutes. I fry on a Teflon pan.

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Separately served with pickled onions and tomato sauce. Bon appetit!