Strawberry jelly

84 - 30 минут -

Jelly compote and cottage cheese.

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Ingredients for Strawberry jelly

Step by step instruction of cooking Strawberry jelly

Шаг 1

Jelly strawberry (150 g).

Шаг 2

Gelatin to dissolve in warm water (10 g)

Шаг 3

Jelly dissolved in water and poured into a container

Шаг 4

Cheese, sour cream and gelatin.

Шаг 5


Шаг 6

Cottage cheese

Шаг 7

The strawberry compote

Шаг 8

And the frozen jelly put a little cream cheese

Шаг 9

For a cream to spread on top of strawberries and cream again

Шаг 10

The aroma of summer uplifting. Bon appetit!