Soup of sauerkraut with sausages

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Sauerkrautsuppe mit Wuerstchen. I would say, typisch deutsch - sauerkraut + sausages/sausages. The taste of the soup I liked it more than smell it : ( What is good? soup in a hurry - 15 -20 minutes and you're done! Look! we liked...

Ingredients for Soup of sauerkraut with sausages

Step by step instruction of cooking Soup of sauerkraut with sausages

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I took half the normal foods, just 4 servings.

First make the dough for the dumpling: mix 90 grams of flour, a pinch of salt and egg. Bun dough ready to cover Cup, in which the kneaded dough and leave on the table.

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Now you can start cooking the soup. Everything is done so quickly that you barely had time to take pictures.

Oil (butter or vegetable) fry the flour and paprika powder for 2 minutes. Remove from heat, pour the hot broth, stir again and set on fire.

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There add sauerkraut, pedalium, if necessary, throw a Bay leaf,
close the pan with a lid. Let them boil, and we will make the dumplings.

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Divide the dough into 6 pieces that are generated from them sausages
each sausage cut into oblique slices 0.5 cm wide.

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Throw the gnocchi in boiling (at that time) soup and wait until they emerge.