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Ash - I wanted to share the recipe of this Oriental soup with our cooks. This dish of Afghan cuisine - spicy hot, nourishing, easy to prepare soup. It can be served with meat meatballs (kuttay) or simply fried in tomato sauce with minced meat. I said "can" because you can and no meat at all. I think it is to post very relevant.

for Lent

Ingredients for Ash

Step by step instruction of cooking Ash

Шаг 1

Before cooking I decided to put on the table all the ingredients.. it seemed too little.. after checking again, I realized, and some... well, from this set you can cook something serious! And as well, it is not necessary to peel potatoes and carrots, all easy! Just soup for lazy people, but if so it is called! But it is impossible that the name was given long before I was born, it would be unfair, right?

Шаг 2

The oil is carefully heated and sent to it the chopped onion and turmeric.

Шаг 3

Onions need a good fry up to Golden color.

Шаг 4

A jar of canned tomatoes sent to the blender and then add to the onion

Шаг 5

This process is a little long, for 10 minutes. You need a good fry vugarity or, perhaps more accurately said. Depends on the taste of our meals.

Шаг 6

Yes, water is clearly not enough, add me, I have a big family. Not seven-I, and six and all want to eat!

Шаг 7

I understand that vitamins-it is best fresh, but in my recipe cilantro cooked together with pasta, and she gives all the taste and enriches the soup some special flavor!

Шаг 8

It is desirable to cook the cilantro and pasta in 20 minutes! If you have pasta noodles (I even "models" is sometimes used), cilantro presumably much earlier!

Шаг 9

The final touch, boiled canned peas added at the last minute.

Шаг 10

And for the children and my husband I put in Al kufta with sauce.
(Recipe Kufta you can find in my recipes). It turns out more satisfying.
It remains to add that this warming dish and often cooked for colds. Do not get sick and eat health!