Maki, sushi roll "Mosaic"

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Gunkan-Maki, tempura Maki, sake roll, temari sushi roll "Mosaic". And now in Russian. Gincana pumps, tempura - hot rolls, sake, temari - rice balls with salmon. It is not difficult! Hot and crispy spring rolls tempura will be appreciated by all without exception.

Ingredients for Maki, sushi roll "Mosaic"

Step by step instruction of cooking Maki, sushi roll "Mosaic"

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I will not repeat and describe the process of cooking rice. Can use the link http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/115 22/ True rice I boil no more than 10 minutes. Try to withstand time intervals, because properly cooked rice is 99% of what rolls you get. And if no wasabi, pickled ginger (which is needed only in order to snack between the different types of rolls and sushi) and special rice for sushi you can do that here at rice vinegar, nori and soy sauce have to spend. And with toppings you can experiment. Let's start with the most simple - gunkan-Maki or boats of sushi and nori with fillings. If you don't have a special bamboo Mat, ginkana for you! So, rice with WET hands, form patties, sheet nori, cut with scissors into strips of about 3 cm at 6 pieces.

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Then put a strip of nori on hand at her figure, on one edge of the nori - a couple of rice that the edges are stuck together and wrap the rice ball in nori.

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Put rolled Gincana, trying to observe the shape of boats and spread on top of stuffing. I have Almette, cucumber, bell pepper, salmon, mussels in various combinations.

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Now - the most delicious, in my opinion, tempura Maki or hot rolls temporay flour. This is the ideal, but regular flour (as in my case) will do. Out of half a sheet of nori turn sushi rolls. The filling is the same as in the case of ginkunai. The only difference is that because the rolls do half of the sheet, and strips of the filling should be thin and no more than 3 components (for example: cucumber, Almette, shrimp), and rice spread in a thin layer 2-3 grains of rice. You can do rolls and at full length, but I love little one bite.

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Now prepare 3 plates: first place the flour, in the second, breadcrumbs in the third prepare the usual batter of one egg, flour and ice water (I just got an ice cube and waited until melted). The batter should be the consistency of a on pancakes. Tempura-Maki is eaten hot, so prepare the batter just before serving. So, cut the rolls in half, dip them in flour, then in batter, and last in breadcrumbs.

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Put in boiling oil. The oil should cover the rolls more than half, then they will not absorb the excess.

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Fry 1-2 minutes until Golden brown on each side.

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Take out, cut into 8 pieces. Eat. I recommend to try anyone who has ever made the rolls! Crisp hot rolls with cheese inside is delicious.

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Now cut into 4 pieces. The knife constantly wet with cold water, as the hands when taking the pic, otherwise it will stick.

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Take another sheet of nori, put 2 pieces of nori and roll up is formed between the hollow - place the cucumber, preferably, the middle part of the bar below in the context of get a square. You can put tuna or salmon.

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Top - the remaining two parts of the roll, now nori down the corners inward, sprinkle the nori sheet with water, wrap.

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Cut. I recommend them to fry in batter before you cut. The reason - too much rice, not enough filling. Frame - beautiful and tasty, and original

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Well, the most simple - sake temari sushi or sushi balls with salmon. If rice remains, and the algae is over, take a sheet of film, put the plate of salmon, rice,

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Contractible bun.

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Some more information: futomaki is a complicated rolls with more than three toppings, uramaki rolls with rice on the outside. Fu, FSE :-D

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