Masala tea

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Spicy exotic in a Cup is available to all. It is both delicious and satisfying at the same time. There are lots of nuances in the preparation of the drink, and what is canonical masala tea, probably know only in India) And I cook it that way...

Ingredients for Masala tea

Step by step instruction of cooking Masala tea

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Masala is simply a spice rack. As per Wikipedia, "masala Chai" denotes the set of spices it is to this tea. For other dishes it can be different. I have cardamom, allspice pepper, cinnamon (already ground) and cloves. You can add whatever you want from spices suitable for sweet - for example, to replace cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon - saffron, etc...

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The main emphasis is ginger and cardamom. Without them is not worth starting. On a platter - have measured the amount of spices per liter of milk.

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3 teaspoons black tea needed for a short while, literally a couple of minutes to soak in cold water, so little swollen. Tea can take more, especially if you cook like this seagulls for Breakfast

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Ginger three on a grater. About a tablespoon of pulp. If not fresh - they say you can take a powder.

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A pot in which to prepare drink, you should rinse with cold water so the milk will not burn and will not propechetsya to the walls. Pour a liter of milk, add the sugar (but honey is better - but I, alas, ended) - to taste. Also add the remaining tea.

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The milk starts to boil - add spices, ginger. Do-mA-and-scarlet fire and brew our brew for 3-5 minutes. Orientirueshsya color was creamy turn off the heat, cover tightly and allow to infuse for another five minutes.

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Filter. You can directly into the Cup.

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The Chinese say - to feel full, you need to the receptors felt five tastes. In my opinion, in the drink has everything - well, except for the salt. A small cheese sandwich and a Cup of masala tea is my perfect Breakfast for a long time helps me to think about food) Spicy diet!