Salad"vitamin green"

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Salad of young nettle and wild garlic. I've never tried nettles, and why it did not dare to buy something to cook. Recently I was in the country at her relatives in the forest on the walk gathered young nettles and my father in law(a Chef with a capital letter)advised me to try nettles for example in this version and I really liked it. Now I will prepare the most... the Salad is in principle simple, but the site salads from nettles is not a great choice, maybe my recipe will be useful to someone.

Ingredients for Salad"vitamin green"

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad"vitamin green"

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Wild garlic wash the cuttings to remove and not cut thin strips.

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Nettle is washed, scalded with boiling water and chop.

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Boiled eggs and cucumbers also cut into.

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Mayonnaise or sour cream, but you and the others, as you like.

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The salad is very light, tasty and healthy, try!
Cutlets recipe "Cakes out of the oven" chef maqicyul, for which special thank you to her! Bon appetit!