Solar "pie-cake" with irony /microwave/

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Tender, tasty, Sunny and unusual – and most importantly, fast!

Ingredients for Solar "pie-cake" with irony /microwave/

Step by step instruction of cooking Solar "pie-cake" with irony /microwave/

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Introduction: My little Sweetie recently turned 4 months. The day he sets himself, so I'm grateful to all the cooks who posted the Express recipes for the microwave oven is sometimes rescued after 30 minutes of rest. Special THANKS Irres for an Express cake http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/349 79/ – with her recipes, I began teaching and studying baking in a microwave. Treat yourself with products from corn flour!

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Take the largest tablespoon :-) on the farm, the ingredients are recruit – slide!

The egg is triturated with sugar and a pinch of salt. If anyone has a sweet tooth, I recommend to add 1 tablespoon of sugar.

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Add yogurt in it - soda /I do not use baking powder, but if you use it – add to the mixture corn flour and starch./

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Set aside the bowl with the mixture to quench the soda in ten seconds, and in the meantime measure out the corn starch and flour, stir.

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Pour into a glass form for the microwave, pre shots the bottom with parchment /considering that baking is increased in 2 times. For 3.5 minutes in a microwave to simple convection at a power of 850 W and voila! Allow to cool a little, and fantasize: the cut and lubricated sour cream, sour cream, jam or sour cream.

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Bon appetit!