Appetizer "cakes"

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This appetizer is enchanting and opinion, and taste buds! Try it, you will not regret!

Ingredients for Appetizer "cakes"

Step by step instruction of cooking Appetizer "cakes"

Шаг 1

For this snack, we need to fry 4 eggs. For this mix the egg, 1 tbsp sour cream, 1 tbsp finely chopped onion, salt, pepper and mix well.

Шаг 2

Grease the pan with oil and fry the omelette on medium heat under the lid.

Шаг 3

Scrambled eggs spread on baking paper, cover with a lid that is not weather-beaten. Thus, fry 4 eggs.
First the omelette, turn a tight roll, and the second omelet wrap tightly first, so you get a double roll.
They do the same with the third and fourth eggs. Wrap the rolls in clingfilm and put into the fridge for 1-1.5 hours.

Шаг 4

From the slice of bread cut out a round mold slices (4-5 cm), they should be slightly larger in diameter than the diameter of the roll.

Шаг 5

Olive oil mixed with melted butter and grease the bread slices.
Put them on a baking tray lined food paper and bake at 180*C for 20-25 minutes.

Шаг 6

Take out of the refrigerator rolls and cut them crosswise slices (10 pieces)

Шаг 7

Grease the bread slices with sour cream,

Шаг 8

Put sour cream on top of an omelet roll,

Шаг 9

And spread on top of red caviar and sprinkle with chopped onions.

Шаг 10

The food is ready!

Шаг 11

I ask all to the table!