Chicken roll

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Saw the recipe for this loaf in a cooking magazine. Decided to cook, and why not. At present, it is unclear what made the sausages in the store... is Done quickly, plus imagination, will always be diversity of taste.

Ingredients for Chicken roll

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken roll

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So, the first thing beats the fillet. Make it as thin as possible.
If pileski large, you can cut them in half.

Шаг 2

Now take a cling film and spread our beated in length, with an overlap on each other.

Шаг 3

Salt, pepper, sprinkle with your favorite pripravili.
And further plays the role of your imagination. I smeared with mayonnaise, laid out in the middle along the length of the strips of cheese, spicy dried tomatoes (

Шаг 4

Now with the help of cling film roll pileski in a roll.
So, as in the photo.

Шаг 5

Film remove, and turn our roll as a snail. Treat the threads (not disintegrated), laid in a form (I have a glass pot for microwave).
I on top of another smeared spicy oil from the tomatoes.
And put it in the oven or microwave and bring to readiness. I cooked in the microwave. But....

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