Flax bread

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Walking through the Department for diabetics, drew attention to the Flaxseed meal, I read that it is very useful, and bought! By the way, all good useful stuff-bran, fiber, etc. sold for some reason (?) it is in the diabetic section of the supermarket, apparently we are the biggest proponents of a healthy diet! Well, at home I tried to make bread with flax meal, it tastes good, useful (!) and not so difficult!

Ingredients for Flax bread

Step by step instruction of cooking Flax bread

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Yeast grind with a handful of flour in the crumb
all components (except seeds) mix and knead the dough.
Seeds to add at the very end of kneading.
You can use the bread machine - dough kneading, with your hands until the dough begins to come unstuck from hands, from me this time I made the dough a food processor.
Ready put the dough in the bowl, brush a little vegetable oil, acryic cloth and in a warm place allow to rise for one hour.

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By the way, the package of Flaxseed meal looks like this...

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Once the dough is doubled, place onto a cutting Board, form two loaves, a little roll in flour, make the notch, lay out on a baking sheet, cover with a cloth and give rasstoyatsya another 25-30 minutes...
at this time, heat the oven to 250 degrees,
rastavica bread to send to cakes... Yes, the oven sprinkle with water from a spray bottle...
bake first 10 minutes at T* 250 degrees, then 15-20 minutes at T* 220 degrees...