Pork in sweet and sour sauce

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Tang cu li ji. Know? :) The first favorite dish of all of our tourists in China is, of course, pork/fish/chicken in sweet and sour sauce. This dish can be found in every Chinese restaurant in Russia, but any traveler knows that it's not the same, and, frankly, a mystery to me why. This recipe is meat in batter like it is made in Shandong province, and taught us to cook our Chinese friends in a fun College years:)

Ingredients for Pork in sweet and sour sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Pork in sweet and sour sauce

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Prepare the spices:
peel and grate on a grater ginger and garlic to taste, this time I have 1 clove.

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For the sauce:
sugar + the rest of the starch+ soy sauce + you can add a bit of vinegar and ketchup.
The starch should be completely dissolved, so the soy sauce add gradually.

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Fry the meat in oil, again, like to use chopsticks and the other hand, wet, carefully, so as not stuck together, take turns to spread the oil.

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To get ruddy strips with chopsticks on a napkin.

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Now drain excess oil and promassiruyte ginger with garlic, add a couple of soup ladles of water and sugar-soy sauce.
Boil a little bit, until the consistency of jelly.
The photo from the previous post, I cooked with onions and no ketchup.

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Now spread the meat on a dish and pour the resulting sauce can be and Vice versa - the meat in the sauce, but then immediately pull out and on a dish, stewing is not necessary, otherwise the batter will soften and will not crack.