Vienna pastry

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When a catastrophic shortage of time, if you want to pamper your loved ones with cakes, this recipe is a lifesaver.

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Ingredients for Vienna pastry

Step by step instruction of cooking Vienna pastry

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In 3-liter saucepan, beat 6 eggs and a protein with sugar, pour the warm milk with the yeast, melted butter, vegetable oil and grated potato, stir well, cover and leave in the kitchen on the table for 10 hours.

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I usually put on the night. In the morning you will see the hissing, foaming mass, add vanilla and gradually add the sifted flour, the dough should be soft and lagging behind the hands (if the flour will remain, not scary).

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Shape rolls, pies or rolls, put their products on a greased baking sheet and let rise (40 to 50 minutes). Oil product whipped with milk (2 tbsp. L. ) yolk at 200 -220 degrees bake until just brown (small 10 -15 min, the rolls 30 - 40 minutes).

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Bon appetit!