Soup "Morel"

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Yesterday the husband and daughter went to the plantation and brought the first spring mushrooms - morels. Mushrooms, proven over the years. We cook, fry, pickle... Here note you the recipe of easy and tasty soup quick to prepare. My plumber asked for more.

Ingredients for Soup "Morel"

Step by step instruction of cooking Soup "Morel"

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Here are these morels.

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Mushrooms, boil 20 minutes in salted water.
Recline in a colander, allow to cool.

Put on the fire pot with the previously prepared chicken broth. If there is no broth, pour ordinary water, bring to the boil. Throw cut into cubes long peeled potatoes.

On a hot frying pan put sliced mushrooms (small can whole) waiting to left the water, add the lard, vegetable oil, onion, roughly chopped, carrots, grated on the Korean grater.

Salt, pepper, add Bay leaf.

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When the potato is cooked, add the fact that fried.

If the household is knocking spoons, serve immediately. The greens added to the table.
Nice :)))
This is my first recipe on the website.