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I don't know if this recipe is here to review all is simply impossible. But I know the simplest method of making mayonnaise. Much tastier and less harmful than the store. And I feel compelled to share with You.

Ingredients for Mayonnaise

Step by step instruction of cooking Mayonnaise

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Products. For making mayonnaise need a blender. Other ways this recipe is not cooked, the result is not vouch

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Mix salt, sugar, lemon juice and spices, what you want, not salty!
(if no juice, you can prepare a solution of citric acid, BUT NOT the VINEGAR)

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In a jar or any other container (diameter like a blender or a little wider, but not much - this is IMPORTANT! ), pour oil. There previous mixture.

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Beat a whole egg. It is IMPORTANT that the yolk remained intact!

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Drop the blender in the jar all the way to the bottom and so that the yolk was inside the cell with a knife.

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Just a little bit... But not for LONG! 10 seconds!

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Mayonnaise is SOOO thick. So it is a spoon...