Mousse cranberry

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Airy cranberry mousse. Easy cooking dessert. Haven't cooked. The last time my children were students. I really love mousse with milk. Perhaps young Housewives do not know anything about cooking mousse, and someone not heard of its existence. Mousse is a very old recipe. It can be prepared not only with cranberries... and decorate with berries or something

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Ingredients for Mousse cranberry

Step by step instruction of cooking Mousse cranberry

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Crushed in a saucepan, strain separately (capacity)

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Pomace from cranberries cover with water, boil, drain

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Semolina to fall asleep

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And cook the porridge for about five minutes

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Remove from heat, add cranberry juice, which stands separately (containers) and beat with a mixer

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The mousse is ready (turned out a bit too thick)

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Add the milk to the mousse or drink milk, as you like

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