Rice casserole with mushrooms and meat "Sharp"

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Rice casseroles on the site a lot, but I'm not found. This casserole will appeal to thrill.

Ingredients for Rice casserole with mushrooms and meat "Sharp"

Step by step instruction of cooking Rice casserole with mushrooms and meat "Sharp"

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Here are the canned mushrooms I had.

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I have tomatoes at home, they are very small, so I got 9 PCs (teaspoon for comparison).
Tomatoes peel and cut into cubes.

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Boil the rice until soft. Cool, mix with eggs and salt.

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Collect casserole: a layer of rice, layer of tomato, layer of minced (meat can be more than 150g, I just never was).

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Layer mushrooms on top of meat.

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Spread on top of the remaining rice and pour the casserole with grenadera(it should be liquid, or instead can use regular store-bought horseradish, mix it with tomato. pasta and water). Pour the brine from the tomatoes and a little water.

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Cover with a lid and put the casserole in the microwave at 1000W 30min. Can be baked in the oven until the rice is tender.