Blank-freeze for vitamin juice

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This year I tried to freeze the collection of the leaves of currant, raspberry, strawberry, etc. for the winter version of Morse. Liked the idea, I will do in the future. Let's try to you, because in these sheets contains a lot of vitamins, no less than in the berries, and place in the freezer an order of magnitude less than frozen berries. As an idea?

Ingredients for Blank-freeze for vitamin juice

Step by step instruction of cooking Blank-freeze for vitamin juice

Шаг 1

Take fresh gathered leaves of black currant, raspberry, cherry, strawberry, sea buckthorn and mint (or lemon balm). They wash well, dry very well. It is better to take the leaves young. To me when I decided to freeze the case, were the leaves are already not very young, sea-buckthorn and completely forgot...))

Шаг 2

Carve into portions so that each portion was evenly distributed all leaflets. Folding into packages, in a simple p/e or in a special freezer. Give the package a flat shape, the exhaust air and put into the freezer. Takes up little space, only in the process of freezing the leaves become very brittle and fragile, so try to keep either on the side or top, and often, to shift them in the freezer.
I kept the top plastic jars with frozen berries.

Шаг 3

As needed take out and not defrosting, boil the juice, adding some frozen red currants or frozen rhubarb (or both together) for color.

Шаг 4

You can also freeze separately raspberry leaves and brew them in the cold.
This year I want to try. Recently I read that raspberry leaf is a great antipyretic.