Compote with citrus notes

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Somehow, the Boy is not honored recipes compatico. But my life runs under the slogan "a day without compote!!!" the Compote is a dish that I make through the day because my Vanya was very thirsty! ))) That accounts for the mother to be did in order to avoid drinking any soda. Today I made kompotik, but decided to diversify slightly..

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Of course, the fruit can be any. I'll tell you about those, which is preparing itself.

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It is actually very simple.

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I got out of the freezer and apples and apricots. In boiling water threw the apples first, and only after 5 minutes - apricots. But with them added to the pan of peel from oranges and tangerines (Remember, I told you never throw them out, but just the land... And then - and the coffee and pastries... ). Now sugar to taste and give a little compote to simmer.

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Let off a little after infusions. And now we can drink to substitute! ; -)

Шаг 5

The compote turned out fragrant and somewhat unexpected.

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Yes, and economically it is - because we did not use any oranges, or tangerines. But only, so to speak, waste absorption citrus!