Goldfish on wave

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A fun figurine for dessert. Can be used as a decoration on a large platter, you can just separately, as a small compliment. Please do not judge strictly, as with the marzipan just learn to work with.

Ingredients for Goldfish on wave

Step by step instruction of cooking Goldfish on wave

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For a start pick one out of marzipan mass. I first found the recipes at home, but realized that it was difficult. So I chose a ready-made mass. Comfort in the fact that it is sold in small packing. Liked to use.

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roll blue marzipan into a thin plate and turn in the scroll - wave is obtained. Yellow marzipan to sculpt the very fish and separate the fins. Simulated pink lips. It turns out several separate parts

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The finished parts are collected in one figure. Marzipan is quite sticky, and the parts are glued together without any additional effort. It turns out this is a fun figure that can be put on the finished product, and just eat separately. The kids loved it!