The babaganoush was

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The babaganoush was is a very famous mouth-watering flavored snack-Mesa, common in the Middle East. The babaganoush was very popular in the Arab middle East and other Mediterranean countries. Taste with a slight aroma of baked eggplant makes it irresistible. Besides the fact that it is very mouthwatering, this typical Mediterranean recipe diet healthy and easy to prepare. Often in the kitchens of Mediterranean countries, the most simple dishes are the ones that bring the most authentic flavors of the beautiful Mediterranean landscape to your table. This cold appetizer will appeal to vegetarians and meat eaters. The first is happy cover-product sandwiches, and the second used it as a sauce. Importantly, all delicious.

Ingredients for The babaganoush was

Step by step instruction of cooking The babaganoush was

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There are several versions of cooking babaganoush, which are very similar technology and the basic ingredients, but differ in small details. the Turks is yogurt, Jews have mayonnaise.
Tahina will zagustit pasta and maybe it will be too thick. In this case, add small portions of hot water until until the consistency of paste will not resemble a light mayonnaise.
If desired, add 1 – 2 tablespoons of olive or sesame oil. Stir, put in a bowl and allow to cool completely. If desired, before serving drizzle with sesame or olive oil and garnish with parsley leaves. Gamesbaby served as hummus with pita bread or tortillas.
Tear off a piece of lavash or tortillas, scoop them the babaganoush was and Bon appétit!