Masala tea

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... or divine bouquet in a Cup. It's hard to describe in words what is to that extent unusual, awesome and amazing. Words can only describe the taste in comparison, but to compare the divine, absolutely stunning flavor and aroma? Again once again and probably be right - the recipes of Vedic cooking, not to describe the need to prepare and enjoy! Six months I posted here of their recipes, so I decided to get back to you with something truly stunning - masala tea which will give you unforgettable pleasure!

Ingredients for Masala tea

Step by step instruction of cooking Masala tea

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Also, we need a quartered nutmeg. He was a bad ground in a mortar, so it is much easier to grind it on a fine grater.
And a couple of Bay leaves, which we will add at the end in the boiling mixture.

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Now, pour the Masala (spice mixture) in a saucepan or small pot, pour the Cup of water, bring to a boil and boil for about a minute.
After that, pour the tea and boil for another minute.

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Pour a glass of milk, add two tablespoons of sugar and

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Add a couple of Bay leaves. They can be added at once, but I like to do it in the end. Bring milk to a boil and boil for about one minute.

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Ready to drink strain through a sieve

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And give yourself, your loved ones or your guests with this absolutely incredible and amazing drink!
Be happy and healthy!
Enjoy your drink!