Mint ice cream "Green tea with Jasmine"

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Many do not make ice cream for the reason that there is no ice cream. And I did because... Well, I'm indifferent to him. And to do would never, but promised the girls that will tell you how to make "the freezer". But in order to experience the "Assembly", and had ice cream to make. Such a funky (for lack of a better word) ice cream I ever ate. Offer a recipe to you. As a bonus - the master class "crazy handles" for the manufacture of ice cream.

Ingredients for Mint ice cream "Green tea with Jasmine"

Step by step instruction of cooking Mint ice cream "Green tea with Jasmine"

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I originally planned ice cream maker to make an ordinary rubber ball, so in the photo he is lit up, but the daughter stood in his defense. And then I realized that the idea I read somewhere is bad. My solution was more successful. But the freezer - then. And now... prepare products. The picture still needs salt - plain, wholemeal, cheapest. Ice can just pour into a tight package and freeze in advance and then prick with a hammer, like I did, and it is possible the usual way is to numerosity cubes. But remember, ice will need a lot - at least 2 liters, if you measure in the water

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Cream bring to a boil, but do not boil. While stirring, gently pour the hot cream into the yolks sweet

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Mint wash and cut (preferably in a blender), tea roll out with a rolling pin into a powder, that it is better chopped, long can dried tea on a hot dry pan. Mint tea and add to the bowl and pour a small amount of hot cream mixture with egg yolks.

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The remaining mixture close wrap and place in the microwave for 2-3 minutes until thick. Every half a minute to get, stir and check for thickness. Make sure that the mixture does not curdle! It is better to nethergate. That something like this should work.

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I additionally warmed mixture of tea and mint on low heat to these products gave its full flavor and taste and hissed to the mix. Wring the tea and mint to the last drop.

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Lambada! Easily shake the jar, wrapped in a towel for half an hour, better longer. If the kitchen look the husband actively turning booty and enigmatic smile. I was home alone, so with a sad face stupidly watched TV. Say that the connection of salt and ice the temperature can reach minus 21.5 degrees, and "massage" pack ice prevents ice pieces in ice cream and contributes to the appearance of a delicate creamy texture, which, in fact, I have achieved. I was even a little nervous when the package is opened. In vain! Turned out just great! Could be more "dance", but it was time to run, so put it in a container and sent in the freezer.

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But better do and try, because store-bought ice cream with this miracle any comparison is not.

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Well, if you just too lazy to bother about homemade ice cream, you can just put ice cream in the freezer and stir it every half an hour to avoid the formation of ice particles up to full thickness