Kisangi-vegetables Chinese

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Ingredients for Kisangi-vegetables Chinese

Step by step instruction of cooking Kisangi-vegetables Chinese

Шаг 1

Eggplant, peel and finely chop prisolit.

Шаг 2

Carrots and potatoes RUB on a grater for Korean carrot, onion cut into rings, sweet pepper thin strips. Fry all in vegetable oil (without cap, it was fry, not stew! on the big fire!).
Wash the eggplant, squeeze and fry in the least. Nothing salt!

Шаг 3

Soy sauce mixed with 50 ml of water, add sugar, bring to boil, add vinegar.

Шаг 4

In 1/3 Cup of water to dissolve starch and enter in the sauce, bring to boil, remove from heat, add chili pepper.

Шаг 5

With vegetables, piled on a platter, drain the oil, bring to a boil, add the sesame seeds, as soon as will darken quickly remove and pour powdered garlic, vegetables, salt.

Шаг 6

Pour the hot sauce, cover, let stand for a few minutes. Serve with greens.