Nut sauce "BAJ"

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Hello, my fellow Cooks! Today I propose you a traditional Georgian walnut sauce. Bage sauce is almost universal and is preparing very simple. The only thing it is not customary to eat is meat, is not suitable. And, of course, a matter of taste. As satsivi, lobio and khachapuri to cook it knows every housewife, and, of course, each with its own method and taste. So just say that don't pretend to possess the ultimate truth and offer the option of which I was taught by my grandmother (plus modern technology). Try and make sure that it is very tasty!

Ingredients for Nut sauce "BAJ"

Step by step instruction of cooking Nut sauce "BAJ"

Шаг 1

Finely milled nuts (for the BAF, as satsivi, using selected white kernels). In the old days they pounded in a mortar, then began to scroll through a meat grinder (if you grind them in this way, scroll twice), I have a special machine for such purposes, here it is and grind

Шаг 2

Already put chopped nuts in a blender (not for grinding, and for good blending), put salt (I put incomplete a teaspoon to start) and crushed garlic, pour a little warm boiled water.
Not to get too watery, we use water not all of it. Once again, that and nuts and the garlic should be crushed and crushed.

Шаг 3

The sauce should be thick yogurt, so add, if necessary, the remaining water, taste for salt, mix well, now spoon
and BAJ ready!