Bread toast "Mr. Bombastik"

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The bread turned out well - look how he grew up (well, not Mr. Bombastic?) and the taste is indescribable good: tender, soft, air - no taste of cotton, as in the purchase... And the recipe is simple... so I recommend get at all! And fun - the sea!

Ingredients for Bread toast "Mr. Bombastik"

Step by step instruction of cooking Bread toast "Mr. Bombastik"

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The photo shows how it grew and what went bubbles, perhaps excitement...

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- it is necessary to monitor the condition of the dough: incredibly fast fit, that is fluffy and airy!

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Heat oven to 220°C - bread is cautiously put in the oven, bake until tender, 40 minutes... I Have the upper hand quickly darkened as rose and almost ran a "cap" to the top of the oven, I covered with foil...

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What is the structure and?