Porridge forest

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One of the recipes North African cuisine. Sometimes with friends, going on nature, not on the barbecue, and cook simple field mess. All products take in the eye, but one whole chicken, and replaced the millet for the couscous, making porridge just won.

Ingredients for Porridge forest

Step by step instruction of cooking Porridge forest

Шаг 1

Bowler, bucket, pot, pan or kastryulek have put on fire

Шаг 2

Pour water from calculation, what a crowd and how hungry. When the water began to boil, sprinkle with salt and put the potatoes

Шаг 3

... and later cut into pieces a La carte chicken

Шаг 4

It is essential to maintain the flame in the fire. In parallel, on separate fire do zazharku

Шаг 5

Fry chopped pieces of BACON, when the fat has melted, add ...

Шаг 6

... right! onions (the more the tastier), and fry until Golden brown, add slices of chicken breast

Шаг 7

Pour all the contents of the pan into the pot and try potatoes

Шаг 8

If meat and potatoes are ready, add the couscous and cook for 10-15 minutes, stirring constantly, to not burnt the couscous, take a burning piece of wood and drop it into porridge

Шаг 9

It will replace the axe

Шаг 10

Add into the cauldron the eye is 50 grams of vodka for appetite

Шаг 11

... and a couple of eggs

Шаг 12

Still a good mix up

Шаг 13

... and serve
all I ask in advance apologies for the pictures, presentation, text, and... was drunk. Everybody Dance!