Pancakes "Fish"

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Pancakes with salmon.

Ingredients for Pancakes "Fish"

Step by step instruction of cooking Pancakes "Fish"

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PANCAKES: 4 egg yolks grind with 3 tablespoons of butter (must be smooth), add 1.5 tablespoons of sugar (preferably powdered sugar), dilute it all 2 cups of milk and add 1 Cup of flour. The batter should be very liquid and, most importantly, without lumps (!). Then add 4 beaten egg whites, and salt. The oven should be very (!) thin pancakes. I have they are so thin that they do not turn (to bake on one side only). If I make pancakes for dessert - add more sugar if with meat, mushrooms, etc. - add salt or mashed Maggi cube (if it does not put sugar). When the pancakes a little cool down, they become very elastic. As in the test already contains enough oil can cook practically no greasing the pan, but it depends on pans.

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SALMON: If the fish is frozen, then slowly thawed in the refrigerator.
Fish rasplachivat along the ridge into two pieces, removing the backbone and bones.
Mix the salt and sugar.
If salt salmon, pink salmon and chum salmon in the mixture and add spices for fish.
For salmon and trout enough salt and sugar.
Salt mixture and sprinkle the fish with a side of meat.
If desired, salmon, chum or pink salmon can be put fresh dill.
Fold the fish skin out.
Good roll in the salt mixture.
The remaining (not stuck) salt spread on a clean cloth. For her to put the fish tight, and to swaddle.
Put the fish in a bowl and place in refrigerator.
To turn the fish from one side to the other, 2 times a day.
The ready in 1 - 3 days

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Warm pancakes to policy the fish and wrap.

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Bon appetit.