Beef stew

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Somehow I suffered, not knowing what to make out of a piece of beef, all the traditional wasn't interested, searched the Internet and found. The meat is soft, juicy, and the sauce... I don't know what better!

Ingredients for Beef stew

Step by step instruction of cooking Beef stew

Шаг 1

Meat clean from the films, from grease, if any, and cut portions

Шаг 2

Smear mustard. I have this time Dijon was, took an ordinary Tbilisi

Шаг 3

Mix the flour with salt, pepper, crumble it pieces of meat

Шаг 4

Then fry in minimum amount of oil on a heated frying pan over a high flame on two sides to form a Golden crust and under the crust the meat was moist, cover is not cover.

Шаг 5

Fried meat put in a bowl (it can be a frying pan and pot, I have a roaster) with a thick bottom and walls

Шаг 6

In parallel with the roasting meat, cook the wine (I had white dry), onion, garlic, sweet peas

Шаг 7

When all the meat is fried and piled in a bowl, fill it with wine, put onion, garlic cloves, pepper, a little salt and add water to cover meat.

Шаг 8

Put on very low flame for 2-2. 5 hours. In the middle of sauteing, if the sauce is very much, slightly move aside the lid and cook like this.
Onions and garlic doing on your own: I rubbed garlic and leave in the sauce, and the onions take on it, I like this lovers no.

Шаг 9

The sauce is thick, meat is very tender, very easy to cook, just long :-D. Garnish at your discretion. Bon appetit!