Vegetable Paradise

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I had vegetables, I wanted something tasty, vegetable, and without a headache. You know, it was very tasty, hearty, and for those who are fasting.

for Lent

Ingredients for Vegetable Paradise

Step by step instruction of cooking Vegetable Paradise

Шаг 1

Cut eggplant into squares, cover with brine and leave for one hour.
During this time cut all our vegetables, too, squares or whatever you like.
Ready eggplant drained and a little dry.

Шаг 2

Now pour oil in a pot or pan.

Шаг 3

First, fry the eggplant, then add zucchini
and all other products.

Шаг 4

When the vegetables are well fried, add tomato juice and water
salt, pepper, add seasoning, cover with a lid.
Stir from time to time, will not evaporate yet all the liquid.

Шаг 5

All our vegetables are ready, Bon appetit!