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Kavurma. There is a perception that the name comes from the Greek "kaurava", which means "to fry". Originally kavurma was invented as a way to store meat and it is very often harvested for future use. This was done simply enough. The meat mixture is poured hot into the jar and closed tightly. Frozen fat contributed to the preservation of meat, kavurma can be stored for quite a long time not only in winter but in summer.

Ingredients for "Kavurma"

Step by step instruction of cooking "Kavurma"

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Cut the meat into pieces and fry in pork fat until browned. Then place the meat in a pan, pour a small amount of water and simmer for 15-20 min.

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Onions finely chop, fry in the same fat in which the meat was browned, add tomato juice or tomato paste and heat the sauce until thick; add flour and add red and black pepper, Bay leaf, salt.

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The resulting sauce pour the meat and stew for another 15-20 min. Before serving the sauce put the grated garlic.

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On a garnish submit boiled rice.