Apples baked in the microwave

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Apples may be cooked quickly in the microwave. For a quick Breakfast or afternoon snack. The filling can be any - berries, dried fruits...

Ingredients for Apples baked in the microwave

Step by step instruction of cooking Apples baked in the microwave

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Remove the core

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Put the raisins (pre-soak)

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Put the apricots on top (pre-soak).
If the apples are sour, then add sugar.

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Place the apples in a deep bowl and top cover with another plate.
Time set for 6 minutes...

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I had 7.5 minutes, so a little apples deformed. Anyway time to add the Apples... sprinkle with powdered sugar, coconut... sprinkle with honey, jam etc
To put it in the microwave.

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Sprinkle according to your taste

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In my childhood I was very fond of apples. The microwave was not, but my grandmother in the village was a Russian stove. On top of the apples poured with honey or jam. Yummy. Our kids are such apples will not surprise you, but for the children of our time it was something...

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