Mayonnaise "Tunes"

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Looked for a similar recipe in the search, but not found, so don't kill me till the end (I'll still come in handy), if there is a similar recipe for this mayonnaise. This sauce is mayonnaise turns out tender, olive oil and quail eggs. Delicious and much healthier than usual Mayo, however, comes at a price a little more expensive.

Ingredients for Mayonnaise "Tunes"

Step by step instruction of cooking Mayonnaise "Tunes"

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Eggs, salt, black pepper and sugar in a blender to a foam. Add a teaspoon of olive oil, a spoon add the beat, and so to drive all the oil. You can pour a thin stream, constantly whisking in a blender. I have a blender with a capacity, and if you have a submersible, then even better.

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Tasty turned out mayonnaise from quail eggs (they did the first time), you can add to the soup, season salads and just to smear on the bar!
Well, only in moderation, of course, majonezy something fattening! Watch your waist! :-D
All a pleasant appetite!