The broth for future use

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We all must have been in such a situation: left this morning for whatever their business, then turn to dinner, and nothing to eat and cook especially no time. No, of course, in the fridge is meat (raw), but it should be boiled, at least. Or you could do sandwiches. But for lunch we used to eat something liquid. But in such cases, always rescued me this broth. The broth is ready, threw him potatoes, some cereal (or pasta), some carrots, onion and after 15 minutes you have a ready-made soup. So I offer to cook the broth for future use, which in frozen form can be stored in the refrigerator in separate containers.

Ingredients for The broth for future use

Step by step instruction of cooking The broth for future use

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Here is our broth is ready. Allow it to cool, strain through cheesecloth.
Now we will need cups or jars (or whatever everyone has), I used the borax 0.5 or 1 litre.
Meat separated from bones (if necessary), cut into small pieces, so do the same with the carrot if you need it.
Into each Cup (jar) put some meat, carrots and fill to the top with broth.

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Now a glass (jar) cover with cling film or foil and put in refrigerator for freezing.