"Red chops"

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Long ago, my beloved grandmother and mother (then still very small) rented a room in the house where lived an old large Jewish family with its traditions and legends. The head of the family was aunt Frieda was the oldest woman in the house. Oh, how she cooked. I remember it vaguely, I was 5 years old when I came to visit them for the wedding. It was the first and last time I was at a wedding like this... Sorry for the digression... now, this aunt Frieda said that the real owner must be able to cook with one chicken 6 meals. 6. Unfortunately, I was still a teenager when my mother left this world, and many recipes lost (real mincemeat, stuffed fish and stuffed with brisket), but one dish I remember well, because mom often cooked, and I cook now in my family. Red sweet cakes... no Photo, because I can't photograph - my daughter is very long and prehensile hands)))

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