Currant jam

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Marmalade is different from jam. The jam is delicious, thick, gelatinous mass of berries or fruit. Jam can not cook only one type of fruit or berries, but also to combine the results: in my case, added a bit of gooseberry. Well, about the benefits of black currant and not worth writing - there is some ++++++++++ :) this natural concentrate of vitamin C. Jam has a healing effect, for bronchitis, lung inflammation, and atherosclerosis.

Ingredients for Currant jam

Step by step instruction of cooking Currant jam

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Now we need to separate the bones and skin: take a sieve, but the holes should be small! (otherwise this will turn into torture - so it is very tiring :))

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There we spread our weight and begin to wipe.

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The juice is a liquid and very acidic. We pour it in a pan (enamel cannot be used, the bottom will burn), put on medium fire and heat. When the juice heats up, add the sugar (600g per litre of juice), dissolve it.

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Now we just need the juice to boil until thick. For this you need to maintain a weak boil on a small fire. Hot to determine the degree of readiness almost impossible. So from time to time need to check "as" drip a few drops of jam on a saucer, if the mass does not spread chilled - pour into jars.

When the juice, when cooled, becomes a very dense gelatinous mass, not flowing and not dripping, if the cover flip, the evaporation can be stopped and to do the bottling and forming the future of jam, jelly or marmalade.

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Very thick mass becomes over time. It all depends on currant. It may take from 2 weeks to 2 months.

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Pour the berries in a bowl and add a glass of water. Put on the heat for 5 minutes, to slightly softened. The berries let the juice, and we get this kind of mixture.