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When I first became acquainted with her husband's parents, his mom made something for me new and unusual. The dish is hard to describe, or appetizer, or salad, but I fell in love with him. When we got home, I did, but it turned out not so good. It turned out that I didn't know those subtleties and some of the hidden ingredients that make the dish delicious. Today, my Turkish mother-in-law is staying with me and we have a chance to make a really tasty kisir! It is very useful, a lot of vitamins and can always replace your lunch or dinner.

Ingredients for Kyser

Step by step instruction of cooking Kyser

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Our pour bulgur into a large dish and fill with boiling water. Stir. Now the most important thing: to get a really tasty kisir, you need 2-3 or 5 min if you have time and desire hands to mash "our children" as the dough.

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Add the pasta and again hands it all mix up, crushed in his arm a moment.

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Now we take our vegetables and cut as small as possible. Only tomatoes can bigger cut.

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Now, the bulgur should be salt and you can send vegetables to bulgur. Mix all well.

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Now put the pomegranate sauce.

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And olive oil. All stir again.