Khrushchev dough

332 - 40 минут 6 порции

Delicate pastries and cakes "Shoes" of the Khrushchev dough that is time tested!!!

Ingredients for Khrushchev dough

Step by step instruction of cooking Khrushchev dough

Шаг 1

Mix the yeast with salt (if you use fresh yeast (50 g), then grind them with salt), add milk, flour, sugar, softened butter. To knead the dough. The dough should not be thick and heavy (better then before cutting to probility flour), quickly in the kneading process begins to obligate.

To put in a container... in the fridge. After 4 hours the oven.

Remove from refrigerator (the dough rises strongly, his takes in the oven), let the dough warm up a little and sculpt... the Whole process can be done at night and in the morning you can bake pies and cakes. Many keep the dough in the refrigerator up to 3 days (I never tried).

*Tip: to the next day, the dough does not become sour, add to it 0,5 tsp soda, not extinguish. The taste is not reflected, but the dough really is a few days (this is also in practice I have not yet tested!).

Шаг 2

Pie with cottage cheese filling.
For the filling, mix in a blender the cottage cheese, egg, sugar to a smooth cream, then add a tablespoon of dry poppy.

Шаг 3

Knead dough of the above products. From a small piece of dough roll out the layer, using only a side from the split form, flatten them a reservoir that the dough was in the form, remove the excess dough.

Шаг 4

Weave dough loose long braid, lay it as a side for the next pie.

Шаг 5

Шаг 6

The free space to spread the filling.

Шаг 7

From the remnants of dough to create decorative patterns, any pattern which you like, brush with beaten egg and send in the oven. Bake at 180* until tender. (if, again, left the dough, you can always build a few pies)

Шаг 8

Шаг 9

After baking!

Шаг 10

Шаг 11

Cakes (if You decided to bake only cakes) with cherries and black currants.
To knead the dough.

Шаг 12

Roll out the dough into a layer, cut circles of that diameter, what You want, what would be the size of pies, I made them small 3-4 bite.

Шаг 13

Put the berries, sprinkle them with a mixture of sugar and starch (the pastry edges lubricate protein to melting down). To form the patties as follows: stung them as usual, but to get 2/3 of the seam, then perpendicular to stung, it will turn out rough triangle on the smaller side of the pockets to connect the ends, you get a circle. To coat the patties with egg, bake at 200-220 T* until tender.

Шаг 14

After baking!

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Шаг 17

Шаг 18

To knead the dough.

Шаг 19

The dough roll out the layer, cut it into equal strips, strip roll free harnesses to weave braids put any test patterns to form a heart, wrapping the dough (plaits, braids) from the external side of the product...

Шаг 20

You can bring "heart" to a size that allows us the pan (again from the remnants of dough - cakes with any filling!)

Шаг 21

Coat with the egg, bake at 200-220 T* until Golden brown!

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Шаг 26

After baking!

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All a pleasant appetite!