The rumaki

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The rumaki is an appetizer, which is prepared from pieces of meat or seafood (chicken breast, liver, shrimp) wrapped in a strip of bacon.

Ingredients for The rumaki

Step by step instruction of cooking The rumaki

Шаг 1

Chicken liver, rinse well and cut into serving pieces (each half)

Шаг 2

Pickle pechenocna:
Martini + soy sauce + ginger + honey
Mix well and leave for at least 30 minutes to marinate

Шаг 3

While the marinade softens the liver, cut each piece of bacon in half crosswise...

Шаг 4

Start collecting "Rumaki"
Each piece of liver, wrap in bacon and put on skewers (2-3 skewers to the baking process easier to flip), supplemented by leek (optional)

Шаг 5

Put in convenient form for baking, put on 20 minutes in the preheated oven to 200 g, flip after 10 minutes and evenly to bake to a Golden crisp bacon.
Serve warm, garnish with greens ;-) ;-) ;-)