Spicy chocolate with lavender scent

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This recipe is for chocolate lovers-spicy drinks. It can be used as a hot (hot chocolate) or cold (cooled to room temperature). The drink turns out very tasty (IMHO), with small hints of lavender, spice, honey. And this delicious drink want to dedicate our boy Alicke (govemance). Although it is a big coffee drinker, but I will hope that chocolate she likes.

Ingredients for Spicy chocolate with lavender scent

Step by step instruction of cooking Spicy chocolate with lavender scent

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First, prepare the lavender milk.To the milk add the lavender and bring to the boil and cool down at room temperature. After the milk drain.
If you use an orange with half an orange to remove the zest with a knife for cleaning of vegetables.

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In a saucepan (I used a saucepan with a double bottom, a special pot for boiling milk, but you can take any) to pour water, lavender milk, add honey, cinnamon, vanilla sugar, pepper (to crush in a mortar), and orange zest (if using). Put on fire and bring to boil. After trying, if you are not sweet, add sugar to taste.

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While the pot boils, we all, we melt the chocolate (I did this in the microwave, but you can in a water bath).

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So our mixture in the saucepan is boiling, add to the cocoa and mix well, after the melted chocolate and mix well with a whisk (this is to ensure that the chocolate is well dispersed) and heated on the fire until, until the surface will appear the first bubbles. Everything is turned off, filter.

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Now it all depends on how you are going to drink it. If hot, then cool slightly (this is to ensure that the blender is not cracked) and pour in blender and whip for about 1 minute. Pour into heated cups.
And if you drink chilled (but not from the fridge, but only to room temperature), then first cool down and then do the same, ie pour into a blender and whip for a minute and pour into cups.

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