The meat in the beer broth with vegetables

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Cooked meat on the bone in beer broth with tomatoes, fresh peppers and herbs brings us closer to summer. Due to this fresh notes of vegetables, the dish has a unique taste. This dish can be prepared each.

Ingredients for The meat in the beer broth with vegetables

Step by step instruction of cooking The meat in the beer broth with vegetables

Шаг 1

All the ingredients must be laid in layers.

Finely chop fresh herbs and put it on the bottom of the pan with a deep bottom. This is the first layer.

Dice the peppers and lay them on top of the greens in the pan. This is the second layer. The dish will look prettier if you take the peppers of different colors!

Шаг 2

Tomatoes cut into cubes.

Шаг 3

Put sliced tomatoes in a pan on top of peppers - layer, the third layer.

Шаг 4

To prepare meat for slicing. In this case, used beef (on the bone). Clean the meat from the film, grease.

Шаг 5

Cut the meat into medium pieces and place in pan on top of tomato. It will be a fourth layer.

Шаг 6

When all the layers are stacked, pour into a saucepan 0,5 litre of beer.

Шаг 7

It is desirable that this beer is a bit closed all the layers.

Шаг 8

Close the lid and put the pot on high heat. When the beer boils, reduce the heat to medium and cook for another 30 minutes. 10 minutes until cooked dish and season with salt.

Шаг 9

Garnish well suited boiled potatoes in the beer broth.
The finished dish can be decorated with fresh greenery.
The meat in the beer broth with fresh vegetables and herbs ready.
I wish you a pleasant appetite!