Lemon sherbet

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This sorbet has a very bright and refreshing taste and aroma. The sorbet is very ancient history. In ancient times it was a soft drink that is sold to the street merchants in the middle East. Over time, the sherbet has changed, it added alcohol, and initially non-alcoholic fruit drink was called "sharbat" (or sorbet). By the 16th century sherbet came to Europe, where he became very popular. But in different countries it was called differently: in Italy sorbetto, French sorbet and in Spain, sorbete, in England sherbet. Since the beginning of the wide use of artificial ice, it was used for making sorbet/sherbet that has been frozen and consumed as a beverage, and eat with a spoon. In America at the turn of the 19th century, the meaning of concepts sherbet and sorbet merged while in fact they differ among themselves. Sorbet is closer to the traditional middle Eastern drink because it is made from fresh fruit (juice or puree), sugar, water and sometimes lemon juice. Sherbet also contains fruit juice or puree, sugar, water, but also milk and/or cream and sometimes even eggs. Sherbet consistency is something between ice cream and sorbet.

Ingredients for Lemon sherbet

Step by step instruction of cooking Lemon sherbet

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Just mix all the ingredients, try and add powdered sugar to taste.

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Place in a container (I have a stainless steel because it freezes faster), place in freezer for 4 to 6 hours.

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Every half hour take out and stir your sherbet to form large crystals. I found it very convenient to do this immersion blender.

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Bon appetit!