Baking powder

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The other day I called a girlfriend and asked for the recipe for a delicious cracker that I was treated in the country of their guests. I started to list the ingredients and as soon as I got to the baking powder, I heard: "No, I bake these cookies I will not!" my question "Why?" Tanya said, "but where I can find baking powder?!" I told Tatiana how to make it at home. Decided to lay out for beginners this recipe. This recipe I learned in high school on the lessons of labour.

Ingredients for Baking powder

Step by step instruction of cooking Baking powder

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This is what you need. Soda and citric acid are the main ingredients. The starch can be potato or corn flour is also not necessarily rice.

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Take the scales and weighed the right amount of citric acid. Pour in a dry and airtight jar.

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Add in the balance flour (any), starch (which is)and even powdered sugar. The total number should be 60 grams. You can have more than one flour or starch. Pour in a jar of citric acid.

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Now weigh the desired amount of soda. Also put in a jar and mix everything thoroughly. Our baking powder is ready!