Sponge roll with raspberries

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The recipe for this cake were found on the Internet. Biscuit oven, I don't know how - it is impossible however hard you try. This recipe is for people like me. But if the biscuit will bake real, the taste of the cake does not spoil))

Ingredients for Sponge roll with raspberries

Step by step instruction of cooking Sponge roll with raspberries

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Put in a water bath. Stir constantly to dissolve the sugar, BUT NOT MUCH HEAT.

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Whisk the white with a mixer. I have no mixer, so I use K. combine.

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Turned out fluffy white mass. And here the most interesting. If You have this weight well does NOT work, no problem! Continue)))

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The dishes with baking paper, pour the dough, spread uniformly over the surface. Bake for about 7 minutes. Get surprised that everything turned out and cut in half.

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In a water bath, mix the sugar with butter. Add sour cream. Whisk. Get a heart attack when a two year old daughter offers help)))

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Impregnate one half "biscuit" orange juice. You can just sugar water, but raspberry goes very well with citrus. Top lubricated sour cream.

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Lay out the raspberries. Not whole berries! You can so the series can be a continuous layer. But leave at the end of 4-5 cm without raspberry. For the filling "slips" and she moved there.

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Tightly rolled in a roll. The second half of the sponge cake preparing the same. Put into a cold place at least for an hour))